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Hi, I am a security researcher.

I write code and find security vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. Sharing my tools & research is how I give back to the community.

I am constantly running out of GitHub Action minutes 😒. Help keep my repos up-to-date by sponsoring some. ❀️

Things I do:


Be a Hero, tip a 🍺 πŸ™‚ ⟢ Ιƒ: 1AZMeGVfCBbYwVYyG9s79pJDyocTZgiApa | Ξth: 0x438B38E30eF117C15fBfF833f9C2c70182925815

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Featured work

  1. tintinweb/pub

    Vulnerability Notes, PoC Exploits and Write-Ups for security issues disclosed by tintinweb

    Python 257
  2. tintinweb/smart-contract-sanctuary

    πŸ¦πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸ¦• A home for ethereum smart contracts. 🏠

    Python 1,484
  3. tintinweb/vscode-decompiler

    Decompile things directly from VSCode

    Python 151
  4. tintinweb/vscode-interactive-graphviz

    Interactive Graphviz Dot Preview for Visual Studio Code

    TypeScript 140
  5. Consensys/vscode-solidity-metrics

    Generate Solidity Source Code Metrics, Complexity and Risk profile reports for your project.

    JavaScript 46
  6. tintinweb/vscode-inline-bookmarks

    Customizable inline Bookmarks for Visual Studio Code

    JavaScript 45

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For nerds only! You share the love for freely accessible open data, specifically real-world smart contracts? Your support directly contributes to keeping smart-contract-sanctuary up-to-date, open, and free πŸ€—!

Optionally: Convince @microsoft to give me 1000 more Github action minutes to keep my automated scripts running.

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Feed The Pandas, because Pandas are hungry too!

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