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About Me

  • A front-end engineer from China, Like to toss around with various software.
  • Creator of MiaoYan / Pake / XRender / WeexUi / cz-emoji-chinese and a few others.
  • I often write Chinese blog in, also documenting the interesting things in life through the trend weekly.
  • I know a little accessibility, interactive games, iOS/macOS, serverless, micro front end, know some technical productization, team management, you can ask me any question.

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I think the sponsors of open source is the greatest encouragement to programmers.

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Featured work

  1. tw93/MiaoYan

    ⛷ Lightweight Markdown app to help you write great sentences. ⛷ 轻灵的 Markdown 笔记本伴你写出妙言

    Swift 5,348
  2. alibaba/x-render

    🚴‍♀️ 阿里 - 很易用的中后台「表单 / 表格 / 图表」解决方案

    TypeScript 6,855
  3. tw93/Pake

    🤱🏻 Turn any webpage into a desktop app with Rust. 🤱🏻 利用 Rust 轻松构建轻量级多端桌面应用

  4. tw93/weekly

    🩴 潮流技术周刊,记录我的不枯燥生活,每周一早发布~

    Astro 579

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