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I'm Typicode 🌡, a passionate creator dedicated to developing JavaScript libraries and tools that enhance productivity in everyday coding.

Your support fuels:

  • Sustainability & Maintenance: Ensuring ongoing quality and reliability.
  • Innovation: Developing new features and projects.

And helps the following projects:

  • Husky: Simplifying Git hooks for teams.
  • JSON Server: Create a REST API in less than 30 seconds.
  • JSON Placeholder: A reliable online API serving billions of requests monthly since 2013.
  • LowDB: A speedy, easy-to-use portable JSON database.

I can't say how much I'm grateful for your support πŸ™‡ thank you!

For any questions, you can contact me at


Company logo on my projects

You can have your company logo on JSON Server and JSON Placeholder (~300k visitiors) or any other repo.

  • $100/m medium logo
  • $250/m large logo
  • $500/m extra-large logo

Special or custom placement, contact me.

JSON Server fair license

If you're a company and want to use JSON Server internally, select:

  • $10/m for 3 to 5 users
  • $20/m for 5 to 10 users
  • $50/m for 10 to 50 users
  • $100/m for more users

I'll be able to release more projects and new major versions 🎊

Current sponsors 31

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Past sponsors 179

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Private Sponsor
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Featured work

  1. typicode/json-server

    Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously)

    JavaScript 71,733
  2. typicode/lowdb

    Simple and fast JSON database

    JavaScript 21,091
  3. typicode/husky

    Git hooks made easy 🐢 woof!

    JavaScript 31,867
  4. typicode/jsonplaceholder

    A simple online fake REST API server

    HTML 5,001

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You'll receive any rewards listed in the $10 monthly tier. Additionally, a Public Sponsor achievement will be added to your profile.

$10 a month


πŸ™‡ Thank you!

$15 a month


Sponsor access to My JSON Server

$100 a month


Company logo (M) on JSON Server or any repo

$250 a month


Company logo (L) on JSON Server or any repo

$500 a month


Company logo (XL) on JSON Server and JSON Placeholder or any repo