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A self-taught person than a main stream academic, I started development with core PHP for development of websites and applications very early in life. I was introduced to WordPress for the first time in 2004.

I have been a hardcore open-source developer building plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce since 2007. It has been an amazing 13-year journey with WordPress, and I look forward to more!

I ❤️ Open Source!

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Featured work

  1. varunsridharan/github-gitea-mirror

    Simple Python Script To Mirror Repository From Github To Gitea

    Python 176
  2. varunsridharan/pi-hole-android-private-dns

    Script to auto-install & configure Android Private DNS For Pi-Hole

    Shell 115
  3. varunsridharan/action-github-workflow-sync

    Github Action To Sync Github Action's Workflow Files Across Repositories

    JavaScript 59
  4. varunsridharan/dizzle

    ~ Simple Fast CSS Selector Engine ~

    HTML 37
  5. varunsridharan/action-gitea-mirror

    Simple Python Script To Auto Trigger Gitea Mirror Using Github Action

    Shell 30
  6. varunsridharan/action-dynamic-readme

    ~ Dynamic ReadME Generator ~

    PHP 43

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