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United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Vladimir and I love software engineering. I love literally every aspect of it.

My areas of expertise and interest are:

  • Embedded systems
  • Effective data access / large scale databases
  • Hardware protocols
  • New languages and paradigms
  • Reverse engineering and working on scummvm games (I've added two!) - this is great project - check it out
  • Games and exploring new mechanics - check out

Every single penny matters, thank you!

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Setting realistic goals!


Featured work

  1. whoozle/android-file-transfer-linux

    Android File Transfer for Linux (and macOS!)

  2. pureqml/qmlcore

    QML to Javascript/HTML5 translator. Ready for Mobile, Desktop and SmartTV platforms.

    Python 326
  3. whoozle/clunk

    Clunk - real-time binaural sound generation library.

  4. whoozle/fontanero

    Source code for the fontanero game, 10k apart competition winner.

    JavaScript 20
  5. whoozle/btanks

    Fun action game, could be found in any linux distro

    C++ 19
  6. pureqml/qmlcore-android

    QMLCore native android runtime (no DOM/HTML/WebView)

    Java 9

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