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San Francisco, CA

🚀 We didn't know everything when we started Xmartlabs at a friend's bedroom (for lack of a garage) back in 2012. But we knew without a doubt the importance of contributing to open source code.

🤲🏻 Since then, our open source work has become a key pillar of our culture and operational philosophy. The OSS community goes beyond creating better software; it's a way of sharing experiences and connecting with people. We firmly believe in the potential of building out in the open and try to live by it every step.

We want our work to be helpful, inspiring, and impactful, so we constantly share our tools, tricks, and best practices. As a result, we've ended up with a few popular and widely used tools:

💡 Eureka is our most notable work. With 11k stars, it is the most powerful iOS library to rapidly create complex form interfaces for user input and app settings screens. Used across 15k apps such as Dropbox, kindle, and SoundCloud, Eureka has become Swift's community facto form builder solution.

📱Bender is a modern Machine Learning Framework enabling developers to run AI models efficiently and flexibly on iOS. We built it on top of Metal even before Apple updated CoreML to run on a dedicated ML CPU. A huge step forward toward state-of-the-art software, as confirmed by its 1,7k stars.

XLPagerTabStrip is a Container View Controller that allows us to switch easily between a collection of view controllers. You can use the pan gesture to move on to the next or back to the previous controller. It shows an interactive indicator of the current, prior, and subsequent child view controllers.

🕹 XLActionController allows iOS developers to easily create custom action sheets and present them like native ones. It currently has 3.4k stars and 323 forks.

We hope to keep the OSS work a significant part of our daily work to strengthen and nurture the global community.

Hope you can join us! ❤️

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Featured work

  1. xmartlabs/Eureka

    Elegant iOS form builder in Swift

    Swift 11,758
  2. xmartlabs/XLPagerTabStrip

    Android PagerTabStrip for iOS.

    Swift 6,965
  3. xmartlabs/XLForm

    XLForm is the most flexible and powerful iOS library to create dynamic table-view forms. Fully compatible with Swift & Obj-C.

    Objective-C 5,774
  4. xmartlabs/XLActionController

    Fully customizable and extensible action sheet controller written in Swift

    Swift 3,325
  5. xmartlabs/Bender

    Easily craft fast Neural Networks on iOS! Use TensorFlow models. Metal under the hood.

    Swift 1,791
  6. xmartlabs/PagerTabStripView

    🚀 Elegant Pager View fully written in pure SwiftUI.

    Swift 737

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