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I'm Renzo from Italy.

I graduated in computer science, and during university I worked as a bricklayer, advertising graphic designer, PC salesman, and CNC machine operator

I worked 12 years as a freelancer going together with Java, JSF, Hybernate, Spring, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Linux Debian and Gentoo;
4 years as a Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Dojo and Vanilla JS developer;
Now front-end developer with VanillaJS, Angular and React, in particular I'm going crazy with making financial charts.

Few years ago I broke 2 vertebrae in building my house, I had to stay a month and a half in bed and I put them to study the electronics incessantly in all its parts, when I got up for the After 2 months of recovery I built everything and also my first milling machine starting from a scanner and broken printers.

I like to write code and make electronic and mechanical components, as you can see from my site where you will find guides on how to build CNC, manage the deep sleep of a microcontroller, make PCBs and build a Web interface. I want to continue develop new LoRa shield, library, tutorial and upgrade the existing software shared.

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I would like to work on open source with all my strength. I know it's really hard, but if you hit your goals you lose interest.

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Featured work

  1. xreef/LoRa_E32_Series_Library

    Arduino LoRa EBYTE E32 device library complete and tested with Arduino, esp8266, esp32, STM32 and Raspberry Pi Pico (rp2040 boards). sx1278/sx1276

    C++ 348
  2. xreef/PCF8574_library

    PCF8574 library. i2c digital expander for Arduino, Raspberry Pi Pico and rp2040 boards, esp32, SMT32 and ESP8266. Can read write digital values with only 2 wire. Very simple to use and encoder supp…

    C++ 207
  3. xreef/ATtinyProgrammerBoardArduinoAsISP

    ATtiny programmer board for use ArduinoUNO as ISP

    HTML 9
  4. xreef/Aurora_Web_Invert_Monitor

    Here a full Web application hosted in a esp8266 to retrieve and manage production data of the solar inverter ABB (ex Power One now Fimer) Aurora.

    C++ 14

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