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Fly - remotely control your device

Remotely control your device from a website or mobile application. You can shutdown, restart, sleep or mute any device with Fly client.

1 Using fly

You need to register on Fly website first. As soon as you have a valid account you are able to log into any Fly client. If you have running Fly client on some device, you can shut down your devices from Fly website or from the mobile application.

2 Supported platforms

You can download installers or packages for all platforms from releases.

2.1 Actionable clients

Clients that perform shutdown, restart or mute commands. Windows client also support mute command.

2.1.1 Windows

All system versions with .NET Framework 4.6 installed.

2.1.2 Linux x64

All x64 distributions with bash, uname and shutdown command.
Install instructions: Unzip downloaded file and run script.
Run client: fly -l <login>

2.1.3 OSX x64

macOS Sierra and higher
Install instructions: Unzip downloaded file and run script.
Run client as root: sudo fly -l <login>

2.2 Actionless clients

Clients that evoke commands on actionable clients.

2.2.1 Android

Android Lollipop (API 21) or higher.

2.2.2 iOS

iOS 11.1 or higher.

2.2.3 UWP

Windows 10 build at least 16299.

2.2.4 WWW

You can also evoke any command from Fly website.

3 How do Fly clients look like?

Fly architecture

4 Fly architecture

Fly architecture