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AB Optimizely notes. [Created February 28, 2017 ]

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Is a conversion rate optimization tool.

  • deals with poor usability issues
  • website performance

A/B testing (50/50 test)

a common name for a test that puts one or more variations of a page (or pages) against one another and measures how two variations perform against one another for specific defined metrics.

Multivariate testing

an experiment that has multiple variations of specific elements. The experiment is defined by selecting the elements and their variations. The testing platform will then automatically generate the possible testing combinations of these.

Ex. if you got 3 Variations and 3 Separate Elements 3x3 = 9 Testing combinations. ( your traffic will be divided in 9 separate ways in addition to the baseline)

Ex: If you have a CTA that you want to try on different designs, you put in your different designs and then the multivariate test will try the CTA in each different design

if you have one specific hypothesis that you want to test, an A/B test will usually suit your needs. But if you wanna try different elements and how they all fit together as pieces in a puzzel to find a final solution, then you'd want a Multivariate Test.

How Optimizely work

  • variation changes are encoded as a line of javascript
  • javascript is executed when users load page, in order to display variation
  • tells the browser through the javascript - to swap X for Y element
  • Optimizely uses Cookies to identify users and track their actions

As a conversion rate optimization tester, you form Hypothesis. Testing those Hypothesis => that's where Optimizely comes in. Optimizely can help manipulate what is actually displayed on the website.


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