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A list of awesome solutions on top of Qlik's APIs & Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP).


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Awesome Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP)

Awesome CircleCI

A collection of awesome resources related to several Qlik Sense integration topics resp. Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP) topics. Inspired by awesome lists.

Awesome Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP)

Contribution guide, just use your browser ... so easy ...

Table of Contents


Integration Overview


Solutions built on top of Qlik Analytics Platform / leveraging APIs of QAP:

  • Fasttrack - Transfer dimensions and expressions from QlikView 11 to Qlik Sense.
  • QLIK-Visualization-API-json-file - Reuse your application design done in the Qlik Sense Desktop or on the Qlik Enterprise server across multiple applications for different customers.
  • SaaS Demo - SaaS API automation demo.
  • mdemo - A Qlik Sense Mashups demo Extension for Qlik Sense Desktop and Qlik Sense Server.

On Demand App generation


Capability APIs

Engine API

Mashup API

Visualization API



  • Butler for Qlik Sense - Connectivity proxy for Sense, features such as posting to Slack from load script, real-time forwarding of reload failures and user login/logout events to Slack and MQTT, and others.
  • Butler MQTT - Slimmed down version of Butler, only including the REST-to-MQTT bridge. useful for creating real-time script reload dashboards.
  • halyard.js - JavaScript library for generating Qlik Load Scripts using an abstracted API (Official Qlik OSS project).
  • Qlik Connector to Execute PS Scripts - A Qlik Connector to execute PowerShell scripts.


  • SenseOps - Qlik Sense + DevOps = SenseOps. Thoughts on best practices for using Sense in the enterprise.
  • Butler SOS - Grafana powered real-time operational dashboards for Qlik Sense enterprise.
  • Butler CW - Flexible cache warming for Qlik Sense. Apps can be loaded on schedule or with desired frequency into QIX engine on specific servers, with an option to also pre-calculate all objects on all sheets. This can dramatically improve the perceived app load times and responsiveness seen by end users.
  • Qlik Sense app duplicator - A Node.js microservice is combined with a web frontend and Sense apps tagged as templates in the QMC. The result is a tool that allows users to create new Sense apps within seconds, where the apps then also adhere to the coding standards implemented in the template apps. Saves time and improves app quality.

Extending Qlik Sense

Widget Libraries

Some collections of Widgets:

Building Visualization Extensions

Visualization Extensions

A selection of the most popular or interesting visualization extensions, you'lll find much more on []!/project).


Qlik Sense Repository API

  • Qlik-Cli - PowerShell Cmdlets to talk to the QRS API.
  • QlikSensePowerShell - A powershell plugin with common Qlik Sense automation functions.
  • qrs - Node.js library to communicate with Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS) API.
  • qrs-interact - QRS Interact is a simple javascript library that allows users to send queries to the Qlik Sense Repository Service.

Qlik Sense QMC Utilities

A collection of management console utilities for use with Qlik Sense.

  • App Meta Fetcher - App Meta Fetcher is used in conjunction with the Governed Metrics Application (included in the Governed Metrics Service installation). This plugin outputs Site-level application metadata into a collection of csv files which can be used to identify application, master and non-master item, visualization, and sheet metadata.
  • App Mover - App Mover is a tool to help administer application movement from site to site. It allows exporting from one Qlik Sense environment and importing into 1 or many Qlik Sense environments.
  • App Object Approver - The App Object Approver enables approval of published sheets, stories, bookmarks, dimensions, measures, and Master Items in an app, thus, making them base objects of the Qlik Sense application. In addition, it's possible to un-approve objects as well and push them back to the community.
  • Custom Property Bulk Loader - The Custom Property Bulk Loader enables administrators to upload a list of values for managing custom properties without having to enter values manually. The bulk loader is able to update existing custom properties, or create new custom properties for a Qlik Sense deployment. Select a custom property or provide a name, select the resources the custom property will apply to, and upload a csv file with a single column list of values. Once that's done click the Create or Update button and to add or modify the custom property.
  • Real QMC - The Actual Qlik Management Console in QMC Utilities.
  • Security Rule Manager - The Security Rule Manager allows a Qlik Sense administrator to export and import security rules from the Qlik Sense repository. This is helpful if you have developed a security model in one environment and would like to bring the whole model (or even specific security rules) over to a different environment.
  • Source Control Assistant - The Source Control Assistant is an application backup and restore solution for Qlik Sense. Apps are serialized to json files, which can be easily stored and versioned in popular source control systems like Subversion, TFS, and Github.


Server Side Extensions (SSE) / Advanced Analytics (AAI

SSE/AAI Official Resources & Help

SSE/AAI - Plugins

  • Qlik Sense Analytic Extension for Security - PoC to show how server side extensions can be used to extend the scripting of Qlik Sense with aditional security functions to protect customer information.
  • Python data science tools for Qlik - Provides a server side extension (SSE) for Qlik Sense built using Python. The intention is to provide a set of functions for data science that can be used as expressions in Qlik.

SSE/AAI - Solutions

  • AAI Expression Builder - The AAI Advanced Analytics Expression Builder is a Qlik Sense extension used to create advanced analytics expressions as master items and wrap these in to a prebuilt visualization.
  • Advanced Analytics Toolbox - Qlik Sense extension which allows you to create charts to perform advanced analytics by simple drag and drop without complex scripting.

SSE/AAI - Articles

Web Development

  • Qlik React Starter - Starter template for creating projects powered by Qlik using enigma.js and React.

Related Awesome Lists

  • awesome-picasso.js - A curated list of awesome resources for the awesome picasso.js library.


Contributions are not only always welcome but the entire idea behind this list! There is no need to install any tool, to understand git, just use your browser!

Please take a look at the contribution guidelines and quality standard page first.


CC BY-SA 4.0

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


A list of awesome solutions on top of Qlik's APIs & Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP).








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