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Security & Trust

Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Center for Cybersecurity


The Security & Trust research unit develops cutting-edge security solutions in the following areas:

  • Identity and Access Management (e.g., on-boarding, single and multi-factor authentication, access delegation, authorization and access control);
  • Legal compliance (e.g., privacy and e-payment provisions);
  • Complex and Heterogeneous systems (e.g., API, Cloud, Mobile, IoT and Blockchain).


  1. CryptoAC CryptoAC Public

    CryptoAC is an open-source tool for the E2E protection of sensitive data through cryptographic enforcement of access control policies.

    JavaScript 2

  2. micro-id-gym micro-id-gym Public

    JavaScript 4 1

  3. mIDAssistant mIDAssistant Public


  4. mqttsa mqttsa Public

    A tool to assist IoT developers in securing MQTT-based IoT deployments

    Python 36 8

  5. tlsassistant tlsassistant Public

    An open-source modular framework capable of identifying a wide range of TLS vulnerabilities and assessing compliance with multiple guidelines. Its actionable report can assist the user in correctly…

    Python 37 11

  6. vc-saml-node vc-saml-node Public

    Verifiable Credentials issued and verified by SAML service providers -- a proof of concept implementation

    JavaScript 2


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