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All of the official Tauri plugins in one place!


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Win Mac Lin iOS And
authenticator Interface with hardware security keys. ? ?
autostart Automatically launch your app at system startup. ? ?
barcode-scanner Allows your mobile application to use the camera to scan QR codes, EAN-13 and other kinds of barcodes. ? ? ?
biometric Prompt the user for biometric authentication on Android and iOS. ? ? ?
cli Parse arguments from your Command Line Interface ? ?
clipboard-manager Read and write to the system clipboard.
deep-link Set your Tauri application as the default handler for an URL.
dialog Native system dialogs for opening and saving files along with message dialogs.
fs Access the file system. ? ?
global-shortcut Register global shortcuts. ? ?
http Access the HTTP client written in Rust.
localhost Use a localhost server in production apps. ? ?
log Configurable logging.
nfc Read and write NFC tags on Android and iOS. ? ? ?
notification Send message notifications (brief auto-expiring OS window element) to your user. Can also be used with the Notification Web API.
os Read information about the operating system.
persisted-scope Persist runtime scope changes on the filesystem. ? ?
positioner Move windows to common locations. ? ?
process This plugin provides APIs to access the current process. To spawn child processes, see the shell plugin. ? ?
shell Access the system shell. Allows you to spawn child processes and manage files and URLs using their default application. ? ?
single-instance Ensure a single instance of your tauri app is running. ? ? ?
sql Interface with SQL databases. ? ?
store Persistent key value storage.
stronghold Encrypted, secure database. ? ?
updater In-app updates for Tauri applications. ? ?
upload Tauri plugin for file uploads through HTTP. ? ?
websocket Open a WebSocket connection using a Rust client in JS. ? ?
window-state Persist window sizes and positions. ? ?

This repo and all plugins require a Rust version of at least 1.75



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