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Pandora is an simple undetectable open-source virus composed of agents, servers and masters. Can be used under Windows & Linux.


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Pandora is now an open-source project allowing to control different agents (Windows & Linux machine) from server(s) and master.


  • Auto-Updater
    • This RAT updates automatically each time the computer starts so that you (remote) can update all agents at the same time
  • Auto-Start
    • The agent launches on the PC automatically each time the OS is started
  • Download other file with the agent
    • When the victim launches the file for the first time, you can make sure to launch a real other program at the same time to make it more believable (for example a video game)
  • Encryption
    • All data between agents, servers, masters is encrypted so that no one can read the content
  • AV Bypass
    • As you can see, the virus is not detected by any antivirus on VT (nor on victim machines)
  • Botnet Attack
    • You can carry out massive attacks on websites: the power of the attack will mainly depend on your number of victims (to give you an idea, with 750-1000 victims you can crash some big Russian government sites)
  • Chrome & Opera Stealer
    • Information that Google Chrome and Opera saves on victims' computers can be recovered
  • Remote Desktop
    • You can see victim's screens as well as control their computer
  • Remote Camera
    • This module allows you to see the camera (if the person has one) of your victim
  • Keylogger
    • This allows you to recover all keystrokes (including passwords and sensitive information)
  • Discord Token Grabber
    • Discord account tokens are necessarily stored on the PC of a user with Discord. This grabber grabs tokens from any version of Discord (Normal, Canary, PTB, Dev etc) as well as in browsers
  • FileManager
    • You will be able to delete, download and browse files from a remote computer
  • Process Manager
    • You can see all the programs running on the computer and you can close the ones you want
  • Ransomware
    • Encrypting files on all disks with a specific algorithm
  • Shell
    • Allows to execute shell commands (as administrator)
  • And more
    • Persistence
    • Downloader
    • Clipboard
    • Computer State
    • Screenshot
    • Socket
    • ...


I am not responsible for your actions, damages and other misdeeds caused by this virus.

Indeed, you are obviously responsible for your actions and the use you make of this code.

Basically, this program was obviously developed in an educational context and the developer (me) therefore has no bad intentions.

Under no circumstances should this software be used as malicious or on systems that do not belong to you.

By using this code, you are subject to the rules above.

⚠️ Some pieces of code like the autoupdater are old and may not be good to use anymore.

No support will be provided for compilation problems; I only share this code to get feedback or to help people carry out their project(s) by taking pieces of Pandora code.


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