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Utility to convert between various proxy subscription formats.

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Supported Types

Type As Source As Target Target Name
Clash clash
ClashR clashr
Quantumult quan
Quantumult X quanx
Loon loon
SS (SIP002) ss
SS Android sssub
SSD ssd
SSR ssr
Surfboard surfboard
Surge 2 surge&ver=2
Surge 3 surge&ver=3
Surge 4 surge&ver=4
V2Ray v2ray
Telegram-liked HTTP/Socks 5 links × Only as source


  1. Shadowrocket users should use ss, ssr or v2ray as target.

  2. You can add &remark= to Telegram-liked HTTP/Socks 5 links to set a remark for this node. For example:

Quick Usage

Using default groups and rulesets configuration directly, without changing any settings

Access Interface


Argument Required Example Description
target Yes clash Target subscription type. Acquire from Target Name in Supported Types.
url Yes Subscription to convert. Supports URLs and file paths. Process with URLEncode first.
config No External configuration file path. Supports URLs and file paths. Process with URLEncode first. More examples can be found in this repository.

If you need to merge two or more subscription, you should join them with '|' before the URLEncode process.


You have 2 subscriptions and you want to merge them and generate a Clash subscription:

First use '|' to separate 2 subscriptions:|

Then process it with URLEncode to get %URL%:

Then fill %TARGET% and %URL% in Access Interface with actual values:

Finally subscribe this link in Clash and you are done!

Advanced Usage

Please refer to 中文文档.

Auto Upload

Upload Gist automatically

Add a Personal Access Token into gistconf.ini in the root directory, then add &upload=true to the local subscription link, then when you access this link, the program will automatically update the content to Gist repository.


;uncomment the following line and enter your token to enable upload function
token = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(Your Personal Access Token)