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Installation Options

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Simple installation

For a simple installation/upgrade of TinyPilot, see the instructions in the main README.

Advanced installation

To choose configuration options for the install, specify them in the /home/tinypilot/settings.yml file. These settings would persist on every update too.

Possible variables are available in:

Example: TC358743 HDMI to CSI capture chip

If you're using a Toshiba TC358743-based HDMI capture chip, the following installation options configure TinyPilot for that chip:

  1. Add the TC358743 overlay option to your TinyPilot /boot/config.txt file:
if ! grep --silent '^dtoverlay=tc358743$' /boot/config.txt; then
  echo 'dtoverlay=tc358743' | sudo tee --append /boot/config.txt
  1. Run the script:
(sudo apt remove --yes tinypilot || true) && \
  curl \
    --silent \
    --show-error \ | \
      bash - && \
  sudo reboot

Developer installation

If you're interested in contributing to TinyPilot, see the CONTRIBUTING file for instructions on setting up your development environment.

Use proxy

This procedures shows how to install TinyPilot using proxy.

  1. get script.
sudo su
export http_proxy=http://<proxy server address>:<proxy port>/
# if you use proxy which requires login:
# export http_proxy=http://<user id>:<password>@<proxy server address>:<proxy port>/
export https_proxy=${http_proxy}
git config --global http.proxy ${http_proxy}
git config --global https.proxy ${https_proxy}
git config --global http.sslVerify false
wget --no-check-certificate
  1. Edit and save as
sed -e 's/sudo apt-get/sudo -E apt-get/' >
sed -i -e 's/pip install/pip --trusted-host --trusted-host install/'
sed -i -e "s/ansible-galaxy install/ansible-galaxy install --ignore-cert/"
  1. Add the installation options to your TinyPilot settings.yml file:
TINYPILOT_SETTINGS="/home/tinypilot/settings.yml" && \
  sudo useradd --create-home --system --user-group tinypilot && \
  echo 'tinypilot_pip_args: "--trusted-host --trusted-host"' | sudo tee -a "${TINYPILOT_SETTINGS}" && \
  sudo chown tinypilot:tinypilot "${TINYPILOT_SETTINGS}"
  1. Run && reboot