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Keylogger is 100% invisible keylogger not only for users, but also undetectable by antivirus software. keylogger Monitors all keystokes, Mouse clicks. It has a seperate process which continues capture system screenshot and send to ftp server in given time.

  • Updated Apr 11, 2024
  • C++

PHP User Management System is a powerful PHP script that offers a secure user management system. The application is a great way to build your website, allowing your users to register an account and build restricted access to certain users. We offer great support and it’s very easy to install. It’s powered by MYSQL and PHP.

  • Updated Mar 16, 2023
  • JavaScript

A Guzzle middleware that can throttle requests according to (multiple) defined rules. It is also possible to define a caching strategy, e.g. get the response from cache when the rate limit is exceeded or always get a cached value to spare your rate limits. Using wildcards in host names is also supported.

  • Updated Sep 21, 2021
  • PHP

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