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FEDML - The unified and scalable ML library for large-scale distributed training, model serving, and federated learning. FEDML Launch, a cross-cloud scheduler, further enables running any AI jobs on any GPU cloud or on-premise cluster. Built on this library, TensorOpera AI ( is your generative AI platform at scale.

  • Updated Jun 13, 2024
  • Python

The Cradle framework is a first attempt at General Computer Control (GCC). Cradle supports agents to ace any computer task by enabling strong reasoning abilities, self-improvment, and skill curation, in a standardized general environment with minimal requirements.

  • Updated Apr 15, 2024
  • Python

Llama-github is an open-source Python library that empowers LLM Chatbots, AI Agents, and Auto-dev Solutions to conduct Retrieval from actively selected GitHub public projects. It Augments through LLMs and Generates context for any coding question, in order to streamline the development of sophisticated AI-driven applications.

  • Updated Jun 11, 2024
  • Python

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