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[Draft]Awesome Cyber Security Resource Collection. Currently contains 8000+ open source repositories, and not very well classified. For each repository, extra info included: star count, commit count, last update time. This is the DRAFT version.

  • Updated Dec 23, 2019

Firewall and Privatizing Proxy for Trackers, Attackers, Malware, Adware, and Spammers with Anti-Virus On-Demand and On-Access Scanning (PF, squid, privoxy, hphosts, dshield, emergingthreats, hostsfile, PAC file, clamav)

  • Updated Nov 24, 2021
  • Shell

Protect your Cloud Native Applications running on Kubernetes from malicious attacks with pre-registered source code, pre-registered runtime processes monitoring, automated actions based on configure-actions, analytics, alerting and also sharing detections with community. Maybe save from Ransomware. Shift-Left your threat detection. Shift Right t…

  • Updated May 2, 2024
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