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Arduino is an open source platform that allows users to easily build and program electronic devices using a variety of hardware and software tools. It is popular among hobbyists, educators, and professionals for its versatility and ease of use. With a variety of available microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, and other components, Arduino enables users to create a wide range of projects, from simple circuits to complex systems. Whether you are just getting started with electronics or have experience building projects, Arduino has something to offer for everyone.

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BomberCat is the latest security tool that combines the most common card technologies: NFC technology (Near Field Communication) and magnetic stripe technology used in access control, identification, and banking cards. Specially created to audit banking terminals, and identify NFC readers and sniffing tools, with this tool you can audit

  • Updated Apr 30, 2024
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Created by Massimo Banzi, David Cuartielles, Tom Igoe, Gianluca Martino

Released March 21, 2005


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