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MyTT将通达信,同花顺,文华麦语言等指标公式,最简移植到Python中,核心库单个文件,仅百行代码,十几个核心函数,神奇的实现所有常见技术指标算法(不依赖talib库)的纯python实现和转换通达信MACD,RSI,BOLL,ATR,KDJ,CCI,PSY等公式,全部基于pandas函数计算方法封装,简洁且高性能,能非常方便的应用在股票指标公式,股市期货量化框架分析,自动程序化交易,数字货币量化等领域,它是您最精练的股市量化工具。Python library with most stock market indicators.

  • Updated Nov 9, 2023
  • Python

This is a novel unknown sar target identification method based on feature extraction networks and KLD-RPA joint discrimination. Experiment results form MSTAR dataset shows that our proposed Fea-DA achieves state of the art unknown sar target identification accuracy while maintaining the high recognition accuracy of known target.

  • Updated May 22, 2022
  • Python

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