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Reference github repository for the paper "Defocus Deblurring Using Dual-Pixel Data". We introduce a deep neural network (DNN) architecture that uses the dual-pixel (DP) sub-aperture views to reduce defocus blur.

  • Updated Feb 16, 2022
  • Python

Reference github repository for the paper "Learning to Reduce Defocus Blur by Realistically Modeling Dual-Pixel Data". We propose a procedure to generate realistic DP data synthetically. Our synthesis approach mimics the optical image formation found on DP sensors and can be applied to virtual scenes rendered with standard computer software. Lev…

  • Updated Feb 16, 2022
  • Python

Reference github repository for the paper "Improving Single-Image Defocus Deblurring: How Dual-Pixel Images Help Through Multi-Task Learning". We propose a single-image deblurring network that incorporates the two sub-aperture views into a multitask framework. Specifically, we show that jointly learning to predict the two DP views from a single …

  • Updated Feb 16, 2022
  • Python

Angular 5+ directive for fix autofocus on dynamically created controls (*ngIf, *ngFor, etc.). Uses native [autofocus] selector, no need to change your HTML template. Doesn't use any dependencies.

  • Updated Jan 7, 2023
  • TypeScript

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