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🤯 Lobe Chat - an open-source, modern-design LLMs/AI chat framework. Supports Multi AI Providers( OpenAI / Claude 3 / Gemini / Ollama / Bedrock / Azure / Mistral / Perplexity ), Multi-Modals (Vision/TTS) and plugin system. One-click FREE deployment of your private ChatGPT chat application.

  • Updated Jun 25, 2024
  • TypeScript

🚀 Next Generation AI One-Stop Internationalization Solution. 🚀 下一代 AI 一站式 B/C 端解决方案,支持 OpenAI,Midjourney,Claude,讯飞星火,Stable Diffusion,DALL·E,ChatGLM,通义千问,腾讯混元,360 智脑,百川 AI,火山方舟,新必应,Gemini,Moonshot 等模型,支持对话分享,自定义预设,云端同步,模型市场,支持弹性计费和订阅计划模式,支持图片解析,支持联网搜索,支持模型缓存,丰富美观的后台管理与仪表盘数据统计。

  • Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • TypeScript

WPPConnect is an open source project developed by the JavaScript community with the aim of exporting functions from WhatsApp Web to the node, which can be used to support the creation of any interaction, such as customer service, media sending, intelligence recognition based on phrases artificial and many other things, use your imagination

  • Updated Jun 25, 2024
  • TypeScript

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