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Truthy CMS's Frontend application written in ReactJS & Redux Saga. This project includes UI implementation of User Management, Role Management, Permission Management, Email Module, Account Settings, OTP, RBAC support, Localization, and many more.

  • Updated Jan 8, 2023
  • JavaScript

simpleCMS是一款开源cms系统, 主要为个人/团队快速开发博客或者知识共享平台, 类似于hexo, worldpress, 但是他们往往需要复杂的搭建过程, 我们将复杂度降到最低, 并且有详细的部署教程, 你只需要有一台服务器, 就能轻松拥有一个属于你的博客平台.

  • Updated Dec 19, 2021
  • TypeScript

This website is all about searching the top jobs from top-reputed companies all over the world. It has additional functionalities of searching and filter jobs on based of their job role or experience. Further more it has a form where a company user who wants to add their job on to our site can fill the form and add it. Next, it has an option where

  • Updated Aug 31, 2023
  • JavaScript

This is a Next.js 13 project Inventory Management SAAS (Software as a Service) Web App. A Typescript based project using nextjs 13 static-side & server-side rendering. This projects is developed with Next.js 13, Firebase, Stripe & Headless Wordpress API - featuring, Typescript, Javascript, React 18, Tailwind, and a Framer Motion Animation Library.

  • Updated Jan 19, 2024
  • TypeScript

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