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coobjc provides coroutine support for Objective-C and Swift. We added await method、generator and actor model like C#、Javascript and Kotlin. For convenience, we added coroutine categories for some Foundation and UIKit API in cokit framework like NSFileManager, JSON, NSData, UIImage etc. We also add tuple support in coobjc.

  • Updated May 4, 2023
  • Objective-C

C++高性能分布式服务器框架,webserver,websocket server,自定义tcp_server(包含日志模块,配置模块,线程模块,协程模块,协程调度模块,io协程调度模块,hook模块,socket模块,bytearray序列化,http模块,TcpServer模块,Websocket模块,Https模块等, Smtp邮件模块, MySQL, SQLite3, ORM,Redis,Zookeeper)

  • Updated Dec 8, 2023
  • C++

imi 是一款支持长连接微服务分布式的 PHP 开发框架,它可以运行在 PHP-FPM、Swoole、Workerman、RoadRunner 等多种容器环境下。它支持 HttpApi、WebSocket、TCP、UDP、MQTT 服务的开发。特别适合互联网微服务、即时通讯聊天im、物联网等场景!QQ群:17916227

  • Updated Jun 10, 2024
  • PHP

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