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The idea behind Huffman coding is based upon the frequency of a symbol in a sequence. The symbol that is the most frequent in that sequence gets a new code that is very small, the least frequent symbol will get a code that is very long, so that when we’ll translate the input, we want to encode the most frequent symbols will take less space than …

  • Updated Aug 14, 2021
  • C++

Program that encrypts plaintext and (attempts) to decrypt ciphertexts, encrypted via a mono-alphabetic substitution cipher. Replaces letters based on frequency / n-gram analysis. Tried to incorporate hill-climbing algorithm by measuring the fitness of resulting texts to find the best key.

  • Updated Oct 3, 2020
  • Python

A basic program to encipher or decipher a chunk of text similar to enigma machine. The encipher text can then be send over SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE and even email. The same program can be used to decipher the message to produce output text. CLI binary available only

  • Updated Oct 29, 2019

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