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[Official] Android reverse engineering tool focused on dynamic instrumentation automation leveraging Frida. It disassembles dex, analyzes it statically, generates hooks, discovers reflected methods, stores intercepted data and does new things from it. Its aim is to be an all-in-one Android reverse engineering platform.

  • Updated Feb 2, 2023
  • JavaScript

Apk控制流混淆;Apk-Dex2C;Res资源混淆;Dex、jar、smali文件的相互转换; Dex、Pdf文件合并; Apk、dex、jar混淆和字符串加密; Apk签名、共存; Res资源混淆; Dex、AXML、ARSC文件编辑及翻译;字符串加密(Apk、dex); 一键添加Xposed检测,一键添加弹窗、对话框; axml反编译/回编译; 一键LOG添加; 一键添加字符串解密LOG,Dex文件换包名; 一键添加禁止截屏,一键添加Apk崩溃日志记录; Apk超级混淆3.0--高效率直接对dex混淆,支持混淆四大组件,支持多dex; Apk功能--DEX混淆对抗;屏幕取色器;屏幕标尺。

  • Updated May 15, 2024

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