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Exploit refers to a piece of code or technique that takes advantage of a security vulnerability in a system, application, or network to cause unintended behavior. Exploits can be used by attackers to gain unauthorized access, escalate privileges, execute arbitrary code, or cause a denial of service. This topic covers the various types of exploits, such as zero-day exploits, remote code execution, and privilege escalation. It also explores the lifecycle of an exploit, from discovery and development to deployment and mitigation, and highlights the importance of vulnerability management and patching in preventing exploits.

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This repository is primarily maintained by Omar Santos (@santosomar) and includes thousands of resources related to ethical hacking, bug bounties, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), artificial intelligence security, vulnerability research, exploit development, reverse engineering, and more.

  • Updated Jun 16, 2024
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渗透测试有关的POC、EXP、脚本、提权、小工具等---About penetration-testing python-script poc getshell csrf xss cms php-getshell domainmod-xss csrf-webshell cobub-razor cve rce sql sql-poc poc-exp bypass oa-getshell cve-cms

  • Updated Jun 18, 2024
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Ladon大型内网渗透工具,可PowerShell模块化、可CS插件化、可内存加载,无文件扫描。含端口扫描、服务识别、网络资产探测、密码审计、高危漏洞检测、漏洞利用、密码读取以及一键GetShell,支持批量A段/B段/C段以及跨网段扫描,支持URL、主机、域名列表扫描等。Ladon 12.2内置262个功能,网络资产探测模块32个通过多种协议(ICMP\NBT\DNS\MAC\SMB\WMI\SSH\HTTP\HTTPS\Exchange\mssql\FTP\RDP)以及方法快速获取目标网络存活主机IP、计算机名、工作组、共享资源、网卡地址、操作系统版本、网站、子域名、中间件、开放服务、路由器、交换机、数据库、打印机等信息,高危漏洞检测16个含MS17010、Zimbra、Exchange

  • Updated Dec 19, 2023
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