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OpenLIT is an open-source LLM Observability tool built on OpenTelemetry. 📈🔥 Monitor GPU performance, LLM traces with input and output metadata, and metrics like cost, tokens, and user interactions along with complete APM for LLM Apps. 🖥️

  • Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • Python

Agent Cloud is like having your own GPT builder with a bunch extra goodies. The GUI features 1) RAG pipeline which can natively embed 260+ datasources 2) Create Conversational apps (like GPTs) 3) Create Multi Agent process automation apps (crewai) 4) Tools 5) Teams+user permissions. Get started fast with Docker and our

  • Updated Jun 25, 2024
  • TypeScript

Showcasing Google Cloud's generative AI for marketing scenarios via application frontend, backend, and detailed, step-by-step guidance for setting up and utilizing generative AI tools, including examples of their use in crafting marketing materials like blog posts and social media content, nl2sql analysis, and campaign personalization.

  • Updated Jun 21, 2024
  • Jupyter Notebook

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