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GitOps is an operational framework that takes DevOps best practices used for application development such as version control, collaboration, compliance, and CI/CD, and applies them to infrastructure automation. GitOps uses Git repositories as a single source of truth to deliver infrastructure as code.

GitOps delivers:

  • A standard workflow for application development
  • Increased security for setting application requirements upfront
  • Improved reliability with visibility and version control through Git
  • Consistency across any cluster, any cloud, and any on-premise environment

Key components of a GitOps workflow

There are four key components to a GitOps workflow, a Git repository, a continuous delivery (CD) pipeline, an application deployment tool, and a monitoring system.

  • The Git repository is the source of truth for the application configuration and code.
  • The CD pipeline is responsible for building, testing, and deploying the application.
  • The deployment tool is used to manage the application resources in the target environment.
  • The monitoring system tracks the application performance and provides feedback to the development team.

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