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Langchain-Chatchat(原Langchain-ChatGLM)基于 Langchain 与 ChatGLM 等语言模型的本地知识库问答 | Langchain-Chatchat (formerly langchain-ChatGLM), local knowledge based LLM (like ChatGLM) QA app with langchain

  • Updated Jun 21, 2024
  • Python

🤖 The free, Open Source OpenAI alternative. Self-hosted, community-driven and local-first. Drop-in replacement for OpenAI running on consumer-grade hardware. No GPU required. Runs gguf, transformers, diffusers and many more models architectures. It allows to generate Text, Audio, Video, Images. Also with voice cloning capabilities.

  • Updated Jun 21, 2024
  • C++

👑 Easy-to-use and powerful NLP and LLM library with 🤗 Awesome model zoo, supporting wide-range of NLP tasks from research to industrial applications, including 🗂Text Classification, 🔍 Neural Search, ❓ Question Answering, ℹ️ Information Extraction, 📄 Document Intelligence, 💌 Sentiment Analysis etc.

  • Updated Jun 21, 2024
  • Python

Scripts for fine-tuning Meta Llama3 with composable FSDP & PEFT methods to cover single/multi-node GPUs. Supports default & custom datasets for applications such as summarization and Q&A. Supporting a number of candid inference solutions such as HF TGI, VLLM for local or cloud deployment. Demo apps to showcase Meta Llama3 for WhatsApp & Messenger.

  • Updated Jun 21, 2024
  • Jupyter Notebook

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