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🔥💥RxFFmpeg 是基于 ( FFmpeg 4.0 + X264 + mp3lame + fdk-aac + opencore-amr + openssl ) 编译的适用于 Android 平台的音视频编辑、视频剪辑的快速处理框架,包含以下功能:视频拼接,转码,压缩,裁剪,片头片尾,分离音视频,变速,添加静态贴纸和gif动态贴纸,添加字幕,添加滤镜,添加背景音乐,加速减速视频,倒放音视频,音频裁剪,变声,混音,图片合成视频,视频解码图片,抖音首页,视频播放器及支持 OpenSSL https 等主流特色功能

  • Updated Apr 11, 2023
  • C

Cross-platform, customizable multimedia/video processing framework. With strong GPU acceleration, heterogeneous design, multi-language support, easy to use, multi-framework compatible and high performance, the framework is ideal for transcoding, AI inference, algorithm integration, live video streaming, and more.

  • Updated May 24, 2024
  • C++

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