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Venom is a high-performance system developed with JavaScript to create a bot for WhatsApp, support for creating any interaction, such as customer service, media sending, sentence recognition based on artificial intelligence and all types of design architecture for WhatsApp.

  • Updated Jul 11, 2024
  • JavaScript

专注批量推送的小而美的工具,目前支持:模板消息-公众号、模板消息-小程序、微信客服消息、微信企业号/企业微信消息、阿里云短信、阿里大于模板短信 、腾讯云短信、云片网短信、E-Mail、HTTP请求、钉钉、华为云短信、百度云短信、又拍云短信、七牛云短信

  • Updated Jun 14, 2024
  • Java

WPPConnect is an open source project developed by the JavaScript community with the aim of exporting functions from WhatsApp Web to the node, which can be used to support the creation of any interaction, such as customer service, media sending, intelligence recognition based on phrases artificial and many other things, use your imagination

  • Updated Jul 14, 2024
  • TypeScript

🕊️ Message Nest - 打造个性化消息推送平台,整合邮件、钉钉、企业微信、自定义webhook等多种通知方式。定制你的消息,让通知方式更灵活多样。 🕊️ Message Nest - Craft your personalized message push hub, seamlessly integrating notifications from emails dtalk and so on. Tailor your messages for a flexible and diverse notification experience.

  • Updated May 20, 2024
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