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NebulaGraph is a popular open source graph database that can handle large volumes of data with milliseconds of latency, scale up quickly, and have the ability to perform fast graph analytics. NebulaGraph has been widely used for social media, recommendation systems, knowledge graphs, security, capital flows, AI, etc.

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腾讯 APIJSON 各种语言、各种框架 的 使用示例项目、上手文档、测试数据 SQL 文件 等。Demo projects with document and SQL files for Tencent APIJSON with different programming languages and different frameworks.

  • Updated Jun 16, 2024
  • JavaScript

NGBATIS is a database ORM framework base NebulaGraph + spring-boot, which takes advantage of the mybatis’ fashion development, including some de-factor operations in single table and vertex-edge, like mybatis-plus. NGBATIS 是一款针对 NebulaGraph + Springboot 的数据库 ORM 框架。借鉴于 MyBatis 的使用习惯进行开发。

  • Updated Jun 11, 2024
  • Java

🔍 智能零代码自动化测试 SQL 语句执行结果的数据库工具,任意增删改查、任意 SQL 模板变量、一键批量生成参数组合、快速构造大量测试数据。🔍 A smart SQL testing automation tool for databases, support any CRUD, any template variables, generating argument combinations, generating lots of data rows.

  • Updated Feb 21, 2024
  • JavaScript

Created by vesoft, Inc.

Released 2019

Latest release about 1 month ago


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