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PostCSS is a tool for transforming CSS with JavaScript. It can be used to develop a template language such as Sass and LESS. The PostCSS core consists of:

  • Set of classes that comprises the tree
  • CSS generator that generates a CSS line for the object tree
  • Code map generator for the CSS changes made#

There are official tools making it possible to use PostCSS with build systems such as Webpack, Gulp, and Grunt. There is also a console interface available. Browserify or Webpack can be used to open PostCSS in a browser.

The complete plugin list can be found on, with some examples listed below.

  • stylelint to analyze CSS code for mistakes and check style consistency.
  • stylefmt fixes the CSS code according to the stylelint settings.
  • PreCSS to perform some Sass/Less preprocessing functions.
  • postcss-preset-env to emulate features from unfinished CSS specification drafts.
  • cssnano to make CSS smaller in size by getting rid of the spaces and rewriting the code.
  • RTLCSS to change CSS code so that the design should be suitable for right-to-left writing (such is applied in Arabic and Hebrew).
  • postcss-assets, postcss-inline-svg and postcss-sprites to work with graphics.

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Created by Andrey Sitnik, Ben Briggs, Bogdan Chadkin

Released November 4, 2013


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