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Postman is an API platform for developers for building and using APIs. This tool cannot only make requests with different HTTP verbs to different URLs, it also offers

  • using variables (collection, environment, etc.) in different places (path, query string, etc.)
  • Collections: Group requests in folders, export collections and write documentation for them
  • Scripting: Modify the request before sending as well as test and visualize its results
  • Design APIs: Create OpenAPI schema files and store them in your version control system

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Requestly was built to save developers time by intercepting and modifying HTTP Requests. It has now developed into an open-source alternative to Charles Proxy and Telerik Fiddler that works directly in browsers without VPN and proxy Issues. It is used by more than 200,000+ front-end developers and 11,000+ companies worldwide.

  • Updated Jun 13, 2024
  • TypeScript

This is a basic API REST skeleton written on JavaScript using async/await. Great for building a starter web API for your front-end (Android, iOS, Vue, react, angular, or anything that can consume an API). Demo of frontend in VueJS here:

  • Updated Jul 22, 2023
  • JavaScript

Created by Abhinav Asthana, Ankit Sobti, Abhijit Kane


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