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「开源可视化报表,商业BI替代方案」积木报表是一款类似excel操作风格,在线拖拽完成设计的报表工具。低代码产品的臂膀!功能涵盖: 报表设计、图形报表、打印设计、大屏设计等,完全免费!秉承“简单、易用、专业”的产品理念,极大的降低报表开发难度、缩短开发周期、解决各类报表难题。

  • Updated Jul 10, 2024
  • Java

Modern framework to print the web correctly.                                               

  • Updated Feb 3, 2024
  • SCSS

Build and generate PDF using React 📄 UI kit for PDFs and print documents. Simple, reusable components and templates to create great invoices, docs, brochures. Use your favorite front-end framework React to build your next PDF.

  • Updated Jun 20, 2024
  • TypeScript

Adds variables to python traceback. Simple, lightweight, controllable. Debug reasons of exceptions by logging or pretty printing colorful variable contexts for each frame in a stacktrace, showing every value. Dump locals environments after errors to console, files, and loggers. Works in Jupyter and IPython. Install with pip or conda.

  • Updated Sep 12, 2022
  • Python

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