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The "bane" Python library stands out as a robust toolkit catering to a wide spectrum of cybersecurity and networking tasks. Its versatile range of functionalities covers various aspects, including bruteforce attacks, cryptographic methods, DDoS attacks, information gathering, botnet creation and management, and CMS vulnerability scanning and more..

  • Updated Jan 7, 2024
  • Python

Egyscan The Best web vulnerability scanner; it's a multifaceted security powerhouse designed to fortify your web applications against malicious threats. Let's delve into the tasks and functions that make Egyscan an indispensable tool in your security arsenal:

  • Updated Jul 10, 2024
  • Python

Vulnerable Client-Server Application (VuCSA) is made for learning how to perform penetration tests of non-http thick clients. It is written in Java (with JavaFX graphical user interface) and contains multiple challenges including SQL injection, RCE, XML vulnerabilities and more.

  • Updated Sep 9, 2023
  • Java

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