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Open Source alternative to Algolia + Pinecone and an Easier-to-Use alternative to ElasticSearch ⚑ πŸ” ✨ Fast, typo tolerant, in-memory fuzzy Search Engine for building delightful search experiences

  • Updated Jun 16, 2024
  • C++

πŸ‘‘ Easy-to-use and powerful NLP and LLM library with πŸ€— Awesome model zoo, supporting wide-range of NLP tasks from research to industrial applications, including πŸ—‚Text Classification, πŸ” Neural Search, ❓ Question Answering, ℹ️ Information Extraction, πŸ“„ Document Intelligence, πŸ’Œ Sentiment Analysis etc.

  • Updated Jun 14, 2024
  • Python

Weaviate is an open-source vector database that stores both objects and vectors, allowing for the combination of vector search with structured filtering with the fault tolerance and scalability of a cloud-native database​.

  • Updated Jun 16, 2024
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