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A compute framework for turning complex data into vectors. Build multimodal vectors with ease and define weights at query time so you don't need a custom reranking algorithm to optimise results. Go straight from notebook to production with the same SDK.

  • Updated Jul 14, 2024
  • Jupyter Notebook

VMAS is a vectorized differentiable simulator designed for efficient Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning benchmarking. It is comprised of a vectorized 2D physics engine written in PyTorch and a set of challenging multi-robot scenarios. Additional scenarios can be implemented through a simple and modular interface.

  • Updated Jul 15, 2024
  • Python

OpenCL is the most powerful programming language ever created. Yet the OpenCL C++ bindings are cumbersome and the code overhead prevents many people from getting started. I created this lightweight OpenCL-Wrapper to greatly simplify OpenCL software development with C++ while keeping functionality and performance.

  • Updated Jul 6, 2024
  • C++

⚡ GUI for editing LLM vector embeddings. No more blind chunking. Upload content in any file extension, join and split chunks, edit metadata and embedding tokens + remove stop-words and punctuation with one click, add images, and download in .veml to share it with your team.

  • Updated Nov 21, 2023
  • PHP

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