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A comparison between some VPS providers. It uses Ansible to perform a series of automated benchmark tests over the VPS servers that you specify. It allows the reproducibility of those tests by anyone that wanted to compare these results to their own. All the tests results are available in order to provide independence and transparency.

  • Updated May 22, 2018
  • Python

问卷调查项目,云服务器推荐,挂机项目,免费代理,各种脚本收集。欢迎右上角点铃铛及时收取更新信息。(不要fork,低调) Questionnaire project, cloud server recommendation, hanging project, free proxy, various script collection. Welcome to the upper right corner of the point bell to receive timely updates. (Do not fork, low profile)

  • Updated Feb 22, 2024

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