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TransGUI 5.01 MOD (Shortcuts!, shortcuts!, shortcuts!) #924

antekgla opened this issue Dec 6, 2016 · 2 comments

TransGUI 5.01 MOD (Shortcuts!, shortcuts!, shortcuts!) #924

antekgla opened this issue Dec 6, 2016 · 2 comments


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antekgla commented Dec 6, 2016

Hi, I want to share with you my MOD of TransGUI.
It is based in the last snapshot of the code (5.0.1) founded in Sourceforge by its original author and compiled with Lazarus 1.6 (FPC 3.0.0) in Windows 7 x64 . (Sorry! I only discover this 5.04 MOD later on)

My MOD don't touch any of the functionality of 5.01 TransGUI. My modifications are ALL about the Interface and mainly adding shortcuts and sometimes lets you define the shortcuts you want.
If you are preferes keyboard over mouse, this MOD is for you!

Here is the complete list of my modifications:

  • New ShortCuts: (sorry this are fixed shortcuts, they can't be changed)
    Alt + 1 : All Torrents
    Alt + 2 : Downloading
    Alt + 3 : Completed
    Alt + 4 : Active
    Alt + 5 : Inactive
    Alt + 6 : Stopped
    Alt + 7 : Error
    Alt + S : Searchbox (filter torrents by keywords) - Esc cancel filter and clean the box.
    Alt + G : Info Pane - General Tab
    Alt + K : Info Pane - Trackers Tab
    Alt + P : Info Pane - Peers Tab
    Alt + F : Info Pane - Files Tab

  • Lets you define ALL menu's shortcuts
    This is done by a new section in transgui.ini [Shortcuts]. If you run this new exe without this new section in transgui.ini you will see what the all shortcuts are gone! Don't worry copy the [Shortcuts] section in /units/home/transgui.ini from the .zip file in your transgui.ini and you have again all the default shortcuts. Now you can change one or all of them at your own taste.
    You could see it looking at the transgui.ini attached, but the formula is: MenuAction=Shortcut
    Examples are:

  • System Wide Hotkey (Windows Only)
    This new MOD allows you to define a System Wide Hotkey to activate TransGUI when the application is minimized in the tray. Unfortunately this new feature is Windows Only because every OS is very different at this and according to my limited knowledge it's not possible in linux. In MacOS I dont know but being so similar to linux probably will not be possible either.
    This new feature is acomplished by adding two new values in the [Interface] section of transgui.ini like this:
    GlobalHotkeyMod=MOD_ALT + MOD_CONTROL
    This makes CTRL+ALT+T (or AltGr+T) your System Wide Hotkey
    The vaues for GlobalHotkey are named VirtualKeyCodes and you have a full list here
    Not all codes could applies to your system, depends on your keyboard and regional settings. Try to find one what work for you.
    The values for GlobalHotkeyMod are only 4: MOD_SHIFT , MOD_CONTROL , MOD_ALT , MOD_WIN . They could be used alone or combined with the sign + like the previous example. (MOD_ALT + MOD_CONTROL). This setting could be leaved blank if you don't want a combination of keys:
    For example if you want what F9 would be your System Wide Hotkey assign VK_F9 to GlobalHotkey and leave GlobalHotkeyMod blank.
    The reason I chose this (more complicated) method unlike the previous one (assigning a simple String like Alt+Ctrl+F9) is because some keys are not possible to use with the earlier method. PAUSE is an example, if you assign the shortcut PAUSE to a menu this dont work, but you could assign the VK_PAUSE value to GlobalHotkey and Pause would be your System Wide Hotkey.
    This Global Hotkey is a toggle key meaning what if TransGUI is minimized the hotkey brings the Application at front but if the TransGUI is the active window the hotkey would minimize the Application.

  • Use another File Manager (not explorer.exe) to open folders. (Windows Only)
    Many people replace the Windows's default filemanager for another (more capable) program: Total Commander, Directory Opus, FreeCommander XE, Xplorer2, etc. This programs automatically replace all your aperations of opening files and folders (usually thru a registry modification to replace explorer as your default filemanager). When you choose Open Containing Folder in TransGUI and the torrent has several files in his own folder this works OK, the folder are opened in the alternative program, but there is a case in TransGUI when you choose Open Containing Folder and the torrent only has one file and don't have his own folder what it is open in explorer.exe instead because that is hardcoded in TransGUI code.
    Now it is possible to handle this cases with the filemanager of your choice.
    To do that you have to add 2 new values in the [Interface] section of your transgui.ini:
    FileManagerDefault=C:\Program Files (x86)\FreeCommanderXE-32\FreeCommander.exe
    FileManagerDefaultParam=/C /T /L="%s"
    The first value FileManagerDefault is the location of your filemanager executable. The second value FileManagerDefaultParam are the parameter[s] what that filemanager needs and could be optionals but varies from one filemanager to another. In my case (/C /T /L="%s") tells to FreeCommander XE to open the file in the current instance (if any) of FreeCommander, in the left pane and with that file selected.
    Read the documentation of your filemanager to learn the parameter[s] your program needs (if any).

  • New Colum available in torrent list: Size Left
    This code is borrowed from Issue Feature Request: Add a column for 'download remaining' #881
    Thanks @rzcat and @leonsoft-kras 👍

  • New information in Status Bar: Total Size, Selected Size, Done Size, Remain Size
    I added new data to the Status Bar based in the torrents (viewed or selected) in the torrent list. This display of additonal Info is user selectable, if you don't want this new data uncheck the Menu: View-->Status Bar - Sizes
    new data sizes short
    If one torrent is selected (torrent list always have at least one torrent selected) the data is about all torrents displayed. If more of one torrent are selected then the data correspond to this selection.
    Data explained:
    Total: Total size of torrents viewed/selected.
    Selected: Sum of the size of the files selected to download. For example if a torrent with 100 files is 50 GB in size but you marked 30 files totaling the sum of 15 GB to Don't Download then this number reflects only the size of the files you actually want to download. (35 GB)
    Done: Size of the data already downloaded of the torrents viewed/selected.
    Remaining: Size of the data pending to download of the torrents viewed/selected.

You could download my MOD here
The transgui.exe (Windows) is in the folder \units
The transgui.ini for copy and paste the new keys to your ini is in the folder \units\home

If you don't trust in exe's supplied by strangers in the Internet (good for you!) you could compile my MOD yourself . All the code is there.
As I say i compile it with Lazarus 1.6 (FPC 3.0.0) in Windows 7 x64

@leonsoft-kras if you find some feature of my MOD interesting feel free to include them in your version. All my changes are in main.pas and I add a new unit StringToVK.pas. Only you have to make a diff between the original code in SourceForge and my main.pas to view the differences. There are not so many! There is also a subtle modif in main.lfm

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thanks ))

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Great, thanks! I love shortcuts.

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