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Releases: transmission-remote-gui/transgui


12 Oct 05:54
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  • Enable smart linking (#1252)
  • Add basic snap package files (#1109)
  • Add WhiteSource Bolt config (#1243)
  • Add Windows AMD64/64bit release
  • Add Windows dependency install script
  • Add Windows build zip tarball release script
  • Add shfmt test on Travis CI for shell scripts
  • Add missing libssl-dev in Debian/Ubuntu dependency
  • Add eclint format checking for certain files on Travis CI
  • Improve .travis.yml styling
  • Set macOS builds to use cocoa for 64bit release (#1224)
  • Update .editorconfig
  • Update Lazarus on macOS to v2.0.4
  • Update Lazarus on Windows to v2.x (with FPC v3.0.4)
  • Update OpenSSL for Windows from 1.0.2s to 1.0.2t
  • Update Traditional Chinese translation
  • Update Docker image for arm builds on Travis CI
  • Update Travis CI Linux env to Ubuntu Bionic (18.04)
  • Update Travis CI mac env to macOS 10.14 w/ Xcode v11.1
  • Update node.js version on Travis CI env from v4 to v10
  • Update Debian/Ubuntu dependency for realpath command
  • Refactor build script of macOS and Windows
  • Refactor dependency install script of Debian/Ubuntu Linux and macOS
  • Refactor, clean up and simplify .travis.yml


25 Jun 08:12
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  • Switch to GeoIP Legacy Databases (DAT) (#1195)
  • Set default option active page to General tab
  • Update Polish translation (#1217)
  • Update Danish/Dansk Translation (#1179)
  • Update Traditional Chinese translation
  • Upgrade OpenSSL for Windows from 1.0.2p to 1.0.2s
  • Fix date column throws error (#1201)
  • Fix small English grammar issue in issue template
  • Add support for client certificates on non-windows platform (#1202)


26 Dec 15:59
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  • Add TravisBuddy
  • Add EditorConfig
  • Add crash report generation when an error occurs
  • Add support for private column mapping
  • Add own dialog for password input (*****) (#1123)
  • Adjust version.txt read method on Travis CI
  • Catch exception to prevent being crashed
  • Change data display (processing acceleration)
  • Change the format for displaying the torrent date/time
  • Fix a runtime error (#1140)
  • Fix FromNow routine (#1141)
  • Fix 碌 char in history.txt for v3.1
  • Fix script format for Windows
  • Fix file format to UNIX & DOS by cases
  • Fix partial indentation of pas files
  • Fix password entry for connecting to the transmission
  • Fix torrent adding with magnet link with '&' within torrent title (#1146)
  • Increse compiler optimization level
  • Improve style
  • Improve shell script format & syntax
  • Improve macOS compiler install script syntax
  • Increse privilege to 32bit Docker build to fix build issue
  • Make sure the final and single newline char at eof
  • Move to Xcode9.4 & macOS v10.13.4 image on Travis CI
  • Move to Travis CI new Linux Infrastructure
  • Move Travis CI Ubuntu environment to Xenial
  • Parallel zip tarball build test on Travis CI
  • Remove trailing spaces
  • Remove unused JSON library
  • Replace slow IndexOf lookup with GContnrs hashmap (#1164)
  • Set shell -x in macOS compiler install script
  • Set StatusBarSizes to be unchecked by default (#1163)
  • Switch Travis CI default to optimized minimal environment
  • Update UK translation (#1079)
  • Update English translation (#1166)
  • Update Svenska/Swedish translation (#1185)
  • Update license header and author info
  • Update Windows OpenSSL from v1.0.2o to v1.0.2p
  • Update Lietuvi懦 translation (#1172)
  • Update the position of the "start torrent" switch in the add torrent window
  • Update UPX to v3.95 for Windows zip disttribution
  • Upgrade Lazarus on macOS from v1.8.0 to v1.8.2


08 Apr 06:44
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  • Update GitHub issue template
  • Update Italian translation (#1102)
  • Update Hungarian translation (#1107)
  • Add Chocolatey info for Windows (#1113)
  • Fix mouse scrolls, again (#1062)
  • Fix change file location error (#1111)
  • Fix torrent template hint message, again


31 Mar 03:42
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  • Fix chaging location error (#1057)
  • Fix torrent template hint message
  • Fix mouse scrolls, adapt TVargrid to Lazarus 1.8 (#1062)
  • Use https instead http to downloda GeoIP Lite data (#1103)
  • Upgrade OpenSSL for Windows from v1.0.2n to v1.0.2o


23 Mar 16:40
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  • Fix an initialization/startup error (#1101)


22 Mar 17:24
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  • Support to authenticate with password only as feature of Transmission v2.93 (#1099)


20 Mar 20:14
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  • Fix incorrect search if there is a ":"
  • Fix language display in drop-down list (#1082)
  • Update RU(袪褍褋褋泻懈泄) translation (#1080)
  • Add Local Folder Watch feature (#1070)
  • Add adding Magnet Link by Hash feature (#1090)
  • Add Filter by Waiting Category feature (#1089)


03 Feb 16:04
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  • Update date and author info
  • Update Project home link in doc (#1068)
  • Remove building wiki link in doc (#1067)
  • Update transgui.ini syntax highlight
  • Implement the Display of Relative Dates/Times (to Now) (#1043)
  • Fix location change error (#1057)
  • Fix error when changing file location (#1057)
  • Fix error on torrent names with colons (#1044)
  • Fix customized shortcut key issue with Lazarus 1.8 (#1063)
  • Fix main window hide/display behavior when tray icon clicked (#1050)
  • Set a bold type for the OK button if the torrent startup is turned off when adding
  • Improve Svenska translation
  • Improve Hungarian translation
  • Improve Traditional Chinese translation (#1059)
  • Set OptimizationLevel to 4 in transgui.lpi
  • Cleanup Lazarus resourse file (transgui.res)
  • Remove UnitOutputDirectory config in transgui.lpi
  • Run lazbuild to generate transgui.res before "make"
  • Add Inno Setup Unofficial Chinese translation files
  • Separate "make clean" & "make all" as a bug workaround
  • Upgrade Lazarus to v1.8.0 & Free Pascal to v3.0.4 on macOS
  • Move Inno Setup translation out from origin lang directory
  • Fix v5.13.0 history.txt, broken in accident


21 Dec 16:06
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  • Add Lazarus v1.8 support (#1040)
  • Add -t to Docker engine in .travis.yml
  • Add a warning that the torrent start is disabled
  • Add zip package as part unix dependency/requirement
  • Add an x button to help easily clear the search string (#985)
  • Add bigger toolbar buttons and menu support for touchscreen (#889)
  • Add connexion name support (#982)
  • Rename LICENSE.txt -> LICENSE
  • Retab LICENSE (1 Tab -> 8 Spaces)
  • Move Travis CI macOS xcode from v9.1 to v9.2
  • Fix Upload speed display in tray tooltip (#1036)
  • Make the StatusBarSizes Menu Option persistent (save in transgui.ini)
  • Update Lazarus version in README, should be v1.6
  • Update Hungarian translation (#976)
  • Update Korean translation (#1042)
  • Upgrade OpenSSL dll for Windows from 1.0.2m to 1.0.2n