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Multi-user web administration panel supporting Xray/Trojan-Go/Hysteria/NaiveProxy

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Trojan Panel

Trojan Panel

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Multi-user web administration panel supporting Xray/Trojan-Go/Hysteria/NaiveProxy

Trojan Panel


  • Speed build: One-click installation of scripts, lowering the deployment threshold, and quickly building the system
  • Globalization: System language support 中文/English/한국인/فارسی
  • Multi-agent support: Node type supports Xray/Trojan-Go/Hysteria/NaiveProxy
  • Distributed: The front-end and back-end are developed separately, reducing the coupling between modules, and can be freely combined and deployed on multiple servers
  • Powerful: Support login registration/user management/node management/mail management/blacklist management/custom camouflage website/system Kanban, etc.
  • What you see is what you get: Support multi-node management, automatic management of remote nodes, automatic application/renewal of certificates, editing nodes in the panel, remote service real-time modification of node configuration

Recommended OS

OS: CentOS 7+ / Ubuntu 18+ / Debian 10+

CPU: linux/amd64 / linux/arm/v6 / linux/arm/v7 / linux/arm64 / linux/s390x / linux/ppc64le / linux/386

Memory: ≥ 1G


  • Online(recommended)

    source <(curl -L
  • Standalone

    source <(curl -L
  • Install old version


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