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iDRAC 6 dockerized

Web interface Web interface

Guacamole Directly connected to VNC via Guacamole


Allows access to the iDRAC 6 console without installing Java or messing with Java Web Start. Java is only run inside of the container and access is provided via web interface or directly with VNC.

Container is based on baseimage-gui by jlesage


See the docker-compose here or use this command:

docker run -d -p 5800:5800 -p 5900:5900 -e -e IDRAC_USER=root -e IDRAC_PASSWORD=1234 domistyle/idrac6

The web interface will be available on port 5800 while the VNC server can be accessed on 5900. Startup might take a few seconds while the Java libraries are downloaded. You can add a volume on /app if you would like to cache them.


All listed configuration variables are required.

Variable Description Required
IDRAC_HOST Host for your iDRAC instance. Make sure your instance is reachable with https://<IDRAC_HOST>. See IDRAC_PORT for using custom ports. HTTPS is always used. Yes
IDRAC_USER Username for your iDRAC instance. Yes
IDRAC_PASSWORD Password for your iDRAC instance. Yes
IDRAC_PORT The optional port for the web interface. (443 by default) No

For advanced configuration options please take a look here.


Path Description Required
/app Libraries downloaded from your iDRAC instance will be stored here. Add a volume to cache those files for a faster container startup. No
/vmedia Can be used to allow virtual media to be mounted. No
/screenshots Screenshots taken from the virtual console can be stored here. No

Make sure the container user has read & write permission to these folders on the host. More info here.

Issues & limitations

  • Libraries are not loaded correctly
    • Causes error message on start
    • "Pass all keystrokes to server", "Single Cursor" and "Virtual Media" is not available until fixed
  • User preferences can't be saved
  • VNC starts with default 1024x768 resolution instead of fullscreen
    • Use "View" -> "Full Screen" to work around this issue
  • Keyboard layout can't be changed
  • Only one iDRAC server can be accessed with a single instance
    • Run multiple containers to work around this issue (e.g.,


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