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A remote control client for µTorrent, qBittorrent, rTorrent, Transmission, Synology & Deluge


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No more! Stop copy/pasting magnet links and uploading torrent files through a tedious webinterface. Electorrent is your new desktop remote torrenting application. Remote control your NAS, VPS, seedbox - you name it.


Electorrent can connect to the following bittorrent clients:


Please note: I do not own code signing certificates which may results in anti-virus warnings!


  • Connects to your favorite torrent client
  • Handles the magnet link protocol when browsing websites
  • Upload local torrent files by browsing your filesystem (Ctrl/Cmd+O)
  • Drag-and-drop support for torrent files
  • Paste magnet links directly from your clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd+I)
  • Quickly change between multiple server configurations
  • Native desktop notifications
  • Fuzzy searching of torrents
  • Built in certificate trust system (for self-signed certificates)
  • Easy one click installer using Squirrel framework
  • Automatic updates straight from the GitHub repository!



  • Your program sucks. It doesn't support my bittorrent client

What an opportunity! Now open an issue telling me which bittorrent client you would like to see next :)

  • What kind of technologies are used to build this?

The application is build around Electron, AngularJS and SemanticUI

  • I can't connect to rTorrent what is wrong?

When using rTorrent you have to configure your http server correctly. Follow this guide to make sure you have it set up correctly. Alternative you may be able to use /plugins/httprpc/action.php as the path if your have the HTTPRPC plugin installed.