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A distributed, fast open-source graph database featuring horizontal scalability and high availability


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A distributed, scalable, lightning-fast graph database

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NebulaGraph is a popular open-source graph database that can handle large volumes of data with milliseconds of latency, scale up quickly, and have the ability to perform fast graph analytics. NebulaGraph has been widely used for social media, recommendation systems, knowledge graphs, security, capital flows, AI, etc. See our users.

The following lists some of NebulaGraph features:

  • Symmetrically distributed
  • Storage and computing separation
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Strong data consistency by RAFT protocol
  • OpenCypher-compatible query language
  • Role-based access control for higher-level security
  • Different types of graph analytics algorithms

The following figure shows the architecture of the NebulaGraph core. NebulaGraph Architecture

Learn more on NebulaGraph website.

Quick start

Read the getting started docs for a quick start.

Using NebulaGraph

NebulaGraph is a distributed graph database with multiple components. You can download or try in following ways:

Getting help

In case you encounter any problems playing around NebulaGraph, please reach out for help:


NebulaGraph comes with a set of tools to help you manage and monitor your graph database. See Ecosystem.


Contributions are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. And here are a few ways you can contribute:


NebulaGraph enriches the CNCF Database Landscape.


NebulaGraph is under Apache 2.0 license, so you can freely download, modify, and deploy the source code to meet your needs.
You can also freely deploy NebulaGraph as a back-end service to support your SaaS deployment.



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