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A collection of hacking / penetration testing resources to make you better!


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Awesome Hacking Resources Awesome Hacking Awesome community

A collection of hacking / penetration testing resources to make you better!

Let's make it the biggest resource repository for our community.

You are welcome to fork and contribute.

We started a new tools list, come and contribute

Table of Contents

Learning the Skills

Name Description
CS 642: Intro to Computer Security academic content, full semester course, includes assigned readings, homework and github refs for exploit examples. NO VIDEO LECTURES.
CyberSec WTF CyberSec WTF Web Hacking Challenges from Bounty write-ups
Cybrary coursera style website, lots of user-contributed content, account required, content can be filtered by experience level
Free Cyber Security Training Academic content, 8 full courses with videos from a quirky instructor sam, links to research, defcon materials and other recommended training/learning
Hak5 podcast-style videos covering various topics, has a forum, "metasploit-minute" video series could be useful
Hopper's Roppers Security Training Four free self-paced courses on Computing Fundamentals, Security, Capture the Flags, and a Practical Skills Bootcamp that help beginners build a strong base of foundational knowledge. Designed to prepare for students for whatever they need to learn next.
Learning Exploitation with Offensive Computer Security 2.0 blog-style instruction, includes: slides, videos, homework, discussion. No login required.
Mind Maps Information Security related Mind Maps
MIT OCW 6.858 Computer Systems Security academic content, well organized, full-semester course, includes assigned readings, lectures, videos, required lab files.
OffensiveComputerSecurity academic content, full semester course including 27 lecture videos with slides and assign readings
OWASP top 10 web security risks free courseware, requires account
SecurityTube tube-styled content, "megaprimer" videos covering various topics, no readable content on site.
Seed Labs academic content, well organized, featuring lab videos, tasks, needed code files, and recommended readings
TryHackMe Designed prebuilt challenges which include virtual machines (VM) hosted in the cloud ready to be deployed

YouTube Channels

Name Description
0patch by ACROS Security few videos, very short, specific to 0patch
BlackHat features talks from the BlackHat conferences around the world
Christiaan008 hosts a variety of videos on various security topics, disorganized
Detectify very short videos, aimed at showing how to use Detictify scanner
Hak5 see Hak5 above
Kaspersky Lab lots of Kaspersky promos, some hidden cybersecurity gems
Metasploit collection of medium length metasploit demos, ~25minutes each, instructional
ntop network monitoring, packet analysis, instructional
nVisium Some nVisum promos, a handful of instructional series on Rails vulns and web hacking
OpenNSM network analysis, lots of TCPDUMP videos, instructional,
OWASP see OWASP above
Rapid7 brief videos, promotional/instructional, ~ 5 minutes
Securelist brief videos, interviews discussing various cyber security topics
Segment Security promo videos, non-instructional
SocialEngineerOrg podcast-style, instructional, lengthy content ~1 hr each
Sonatype lots of random videos, a good cluster of DevOps related content, large range of lengths, disorganized
SophosLabs lots of brief, news-style content, "7 Deadly IT Sins" segment is of note
Sourcefire lots of brief videos covering topics like botnets, DDoS ~5 minutes each
Station X handful of brief videos, disorganized, unscheduled content updates
Synack random, news-style videos, disorganized, non-instructional
TippingPoint Zero Day Initiative very brief videos ~30 sec, somewhat instructional
Tripwire, Inc. some tripwire demos, and random news-style videos, non-instructional
Vincent Yiu handful of videos from a single hacker, instructional
44contv in
MIT OCW 6.858 Computer Systems Security Information security con based in London, lengthy instructional videos
BruCON Security Conference security and hacker conference based in b\Belgium, lots of lengthy instructinoal videos
BSides Manchester security and hacker con based in Mancheseter, lots of lengthy videos
BSidesAugusta security con based in Augusta, Georgia, lots of lengthy instructional videos
CarolinaCon security con based in North Carolina, associated with various 2600 chapters, lots of lengthy instructional content
Cort Johnson a handful of lengthy con-style talks from Hack Secure Opensec 2017
DevSecCon lenghty con videos covering DevSecOps, making software more secure
Garage4Hackers - Information Security a handful of lengthy videos, About section lacks description
HACKADAY lots of random tech content, not strictly infosec, some instructional
Hack In The Box Security Conference lengthy con-style instructional talks from an international security con
Hack in Paris security con based in paris, features lots of instructional talks, slides can be difficult to see.
Hacklu lots of lengthy con-style instructional videos
Hacktivity lots of lengthy con-style instructional videos from a con in central/eastern europe handful of lengthy con-style video, emphasis on hardware hacks
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy content from the symposium; IEEE is a professional association based in the us, they also publish various journals
LASCON lengthy con-style talks from an OWASP con held in Austin, TX
leHACK leHACK is the oldest ( 2003 ), leading, security conference in Paris, FR
Marcus Niemietz lots of instructional content, associated with HACKPRA, an offensive security course from an institute in Germany The real official channel of the chaos computer club, operated by the CCC VOC - tons of lengthy con-style vids
NorthSec lengthy con-style talks from an applied security conference in Canada
Pancake Nopcode channel of Radare2 whiz Sergi "pancake" Alvarez, Reverse Engineering Content
Psiinon medium length instructional videos, for the OWASP Zed Attack Proxy
SJSU Infosec handful of lengthy instructional videos from San Jose State university Infosec tons of lengthy instructional lectures on Secure App Development
Security Fest medium length con-style talks from a security festival in Sweden
SecurityTubeCons an assortment of con-style talks from various cons including BlackHat and Shmoocon
ToorCon handful of medium length con videos from con based in San Diego, CA
USENIX Enigma Conference medium length "round table discussion with leading experts", content starts in 2016
ZeroNights a lot of con-style talks from international conference ZeroNights
0x41414141 Channel with couple challenges, well explained
Adrian Crenshaw lots of lengthy con-style talks
Corey Nachreiner security newsbites, 2.7K subscribers, 2-3 videos a week, no set schedule
BalCCon - Balkan Computer Congress Long con-style talks from the Balkan Computer Congress, doesn't update regularly
danooct1 lots of brief screenshot, how-to vids regarding malware, regular content updates, 186K followerss
DedSec lots of brief screenshot how-to vids based in Kali, no recent posts.
DEFCON Conference lots of lengthy con-style vids from the iconical DEFCON
DemmSec lots of pen testing vids, somewhat irregular uploads, 44K followers
Derek Rook - CTF/Boot2root/wargames Walkthrough lots of lengthy screenshot instructional vids, with
Don Does 30 amateur pen-tester posting lots of brief screenshot vids regularly, 9K Followers
Error 404 Cyber News short screen-shot videos with loud metal, no dialog, bi-weekly
Geeks Fort - KIF lots of brief screenshot vids, no recent posts
GynvaelEN Security streams from Google Researcher. Mainly about CTFs, computer security, programing and similar things.
HackerSploit regular posts, medium length screenshot vids, with dialog
HACKING TUTORIALS handful of brief screenshot vids, no recent posts.
iExplo1t lots of screenshot vids aimed at novices, 5.7K Followers, no recent posts
JackkTutorials lots of medium length instructional vids with some AskMe vids from the youtuber
John Hammond Solves CTF problems. contains penTesting tips and tricks
Latest Hacking News 10K followers, medium length screenshot videos, no recent releases
LionSec lots of brief screenshot instructional vids, no dialog
LiveOverflow Lots of brief-to-medium instructional vids, covering things like buffer overflows and exploit writing, regular posts.
Metasploitation lots of screenshot vids, little to no dialogue, all about using Metasploit, no recent vids.
NetSecNow channel of, seems to post once a month, screenshot instructional vids
Open SecurityTraining lots of lengthy lecture-style vids, no recent posts, but quality info.
Pentester Academy TV lots of brief videos, very regular posting, up to +8 a week
Penetration Testing in Linux DELETE
rwbnetsec lots of medium length instructional videos covering tools from Kali 2.0, no recent posts.
Samy Kamkar's Applied Hacking brief to medium length instructional vids from the creator of PoisonTap for the Raspberry Pi Zero, no recent content, last updated in 2016
SecureNinjaTV brief news bites, irregular posting, 18K followers
Security Weekly regular updates, lengthy podcast-style interviews with industry pros
Seytonic variety of DIY hacking tutorials, hardware hacks, regular updates
Shozab Haxor lots of screenshot style instructional vids, regular updates, windows CLI tutorial
SSTec Tutorials lots of brief screenshot vids, regular updates
Tradecraft Security Weekly Want to learn about all of the latest security tools and techniques?
Troy Hunt lone youtuber, medium length news videos, 16K followers, regular content
Waleed Jutt lots of brief screenshot vids covering web security and game programming
webpwnized lots of brief screenshot vids, some CTF walkthroughs
Zer0Mem0ry lots of brief c++ security videos, programming intensive
LionSec lots of brief screenshot instructional vids, no dialog
Adrian Crenshaw lots of lengthy con-style talks
HackerSploit regular posts, medium length screenshot vids, with dialog
Derek Rook - CTF/Boot2root/wargames Walkthrough lots of lengthy screenshot instructional vids, with
Tradecraft Security Weekly Want to learn about all of the latest security tools and techniques?
IPPSec retired machine vulnerable machine walkthroughs to help you learn both basic and advanced processes and techniques
The Daily Swig Latest Cybersecurity News

Sharpening Your Skills

Name Description
Backdoor pen testing labs that have a space for beginners, a practice arena and various competitions, account required
The cryptopals crypto challenges A bunch of CTF challenges, all focused on cryptography.
Challenge Land Ctf site with a twist, no simple sign-up, you have to solve a challengeto even get that far! Archive (2011-2015) a reverse engineering information Repo, started in 2003 This is a simple place where you can download crackmes to improve your reverse engineering skills.
CTFLearn an account-based ctf site, where users can go in and solve a range of challenges
CTFs write-ups a collection of writeups from various CTFs, organized by
CTF365 account based ctf site, awarded by Kaspersky, MIT, T-Mobile
The enigma group web application security training, account based, video tutorials
Exploit exercises hosts 5 fulnerable virtual machines for you to attack, no account required
Google CTF Source code of Google 2017, 2018 and 2019 CTF
Google CTF 2019 2019 edition of the Google CTF contest
Google's XSS game XSS challenges, and potentially a chance to get paid!
Hack The Box Pen testing labs hosting over 39 vulnerable machines with two additional added every month
Hacker test similar to "hackthissite", no account required.
Hacker Gateway ctfs covering steganography, cryptography, and web challengs, account required
Hacksplaining a clickthrough security informational site, very good for beginners. hosts a number of web hacking challenges, account required lets you build/host/attack vulnerable web apps
Hack this site! an oldy but goodie, account required, users start at low levels and progress in difficulty XSS challenges, account required. Practice your Linux privilege escalation Korean challenge site, requires an account
Over the wire A CTF that's based on progressive levels for each lab, the users SSH in, no account recquired
Participating Challenge Sites aims at creating a universal ranking for CTF participants
PentesterLab hosts a variety of exercises as well as various "bootcamps" focused on specific activities
Pentestit acocunt based CTF site, users have to install open VPN and get credentials
Pentest Practice account based Pentest practice, free to sign up, but there's also a pay-as-you-go feature lots of various labs/VMS for you to try and hack, registry is optional.
PicoCTF CTF hosted by Carnegie Mellon, occurs yearly, account required. Don't let the cartoon characters fool you, this is a serious CTF site that will teach you a lot, account required hosts 27 challenges accompanied with writeups, account required
Ringzer0 Team an account based CTF site, hosting over 272 challenges
ROP Emporium Return Oriented Programming challenges
SmashTheStack hosts various challenges, similar to OverTheWire, users must SSH into the machines and progress in levels
Shellter Labs account based infosec labs, they aim at making these activities social
Solve Me "yet another challenge", account required.
Vulnhub site hosts a ton of different vulnerable Virtual Machine images, download and get hacking Focused on web challenges, registration is optional.
tryhackme Awesome platform to start learning cybersecurity, account is needed lots of web security challenges are available, recommended for beginners. You need to solve a simple challenge to sign up.
Stereotyped Challenges Challenges for web security professionals, account required.
Stripe CTF 2.0 Past security contest where you can discover and exploit vulnerabilities in mock web applications.
Windows / Linux Local Privilege Escalation Workshop Practice your Linux and Windows privilege escalation
Hacking Articles CTF Brief Write up collection with a lot of screenshots good for begginers
Hacker101 CTF CTF hosted by HackerOne, always online. You will receive invitations to some private programs on HackerOne platform as a reward.
Hacking Lab European platform hosting lots of riddles, challenges and competitions
Portswigger Best Platform inorder to learn Web Pentesting, account required

Reverse Engineering, Buffer Overflow and Exploit Development

Name Description
A Course on Intermediate Level Linux Exploitation as the title says, this course isn't for beginners
Analysis and exploitation (unprivileged) huge collection of RE information, organized by type.
Binary hacking 35 "no bullshit" binary videos along with other info
Buffer Overflow Exploitation Megaprimer for Linux Collection of Linux Rev. Engineering videos
Corelan tutorials detailed tutorial, lots of good information about memory
Exploit tutorials a series of 9 exploit tutorials,also features a podcast
Exploit development links to the forum's exploit dev posts, quality and post style will vary with each poster
flAWS challenge Through a series of levels you'll learn about common mistakes and gotchas when using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Introduction to ARM Assembly Basics tons of tutorials from infosec pro Azeria, follow her on twitter
Introductory Intel x86 63 days of OS class materials, 29 classes, 24 instructors, no account required
Lena's Reversing for Newbies (Complete) listing of a lengthy resource by Lena, aimed at being a course
Linux (x86) Exploit Development Series blog post by sploitfun, has 3 different levels
Megabeets journey into Radare2 one user's radare2 tutorials
Modern Binary Exploitation - CSCI 4968 RE challenges, you can download the files or download the VM created by RPISEC specifically for challenges, also links to their home page with tons of infosec lectures - reversing conference the conference site contains recordings and slides of all talks!!
Reverse Engineering for Beginners huge textbook, created by Dennis Yurichev, open-source
Reverse engineering reading list a github collection of RE tools and books
Reverse Engineering challenges collection of challenges from the writer of RE for Beginners
Reverse Engineering for beginners (GitHub project) github for the above
Reverse Engineering Malware 101 intro course created by Malware Unicorn, complete with material and two VM's
Reverse Engineering Malware 102 the sequel to RE101 challenges reverse engineering challenges varying in difficulty
Shell storm Blog style collection with organized info about Rev. Engineering.
Shellcode Injection a blog entry from a grad student at SDS Labs
Micro Corruption — Assembly CTF designed to learn Assembly by practicing

Privilege Escalation

Name Description
4 Ways get linux privilege escalation shows different examples of PE
A GUIDE TO LINUX PRIVILEGE ESCALATION Basics of Linux privilege escalation
Abusing SUDO (Linux Privilege Escalation) Abusing SUDO (Linux Privilege Escalation)
AutoLocalPrivilegeEscalation automated scripts that downloads and compiles from exploitdb
Basic linux privilege escalation basic linux exploitation, also covers Windows
Common Windows Privilege Escalation Vectors Common Windows Privilege Escalation Vectors
Editing /etc/passwd File for Privilege Escalation Editing /etc/passwd File for Privilege Escalation
Linux Privilege Escalation Linux Privilege Escalation – Tradecraft Security Weekly (Video)
Linux Privilege Escalation Check Script a simple linux PE check script
Linux Privilege Escalation Scripts a list of PE checking scripts, some may have already been covered
Linux Privilege Escalation Using PATH Variable Linux Privilege Escalation Using PATH Variable
Linux Privilege Escalation using Misconfigured NFS Linux Privilege Escalation using Misconfigured NFS
Linux Privilege Escalation via Dynamically Linked Shared Object Library How RPATH and Weak File Permissions can lead to a system compromise.
Local Linux Enumeration & Privilege Escalation Cheatsheet good resources that could be compiled into a script
OSCP - Windows Priviledge Escalation Common Windows Priviledge Escalation
Privilege escalation for Windows and Linux covers a couple different exploits for Windows and Linux
Privilege escalation linux with live example covers a couple common PE methods in linux
Reach the root discusses a process for linux privilege exploitation
RootHelper a tool that runs various enumeration scripts to check for privilege escalation
Unix privesc checker a script that checks for PE vulnerabilities on a system
Windows exploits, mostly precompiled. precompiled windows exploits, could be useful for reverse engineering too
Windows Privilege Escalation collection of wiki pages covering Windows Privilege escalation
Windows Privilege Escalation Notes on Windows Privilege Escalation
Windows privilege escalation checker a list of topics that link to, all related to windows privilege escalation
Windows Privilege Escalation Fundamentals collection of great info/tutorials, option to contribute to the creator through patreon, creator is an OSCP
Windows Privilege Escalation Guide Windows Privilege Escalation Guide
Windows Privilege Escalation Methods for Pentesters Windows Privilege Escalation Methods for Pentesters

Malware Analysis

Name Description
Malware traffic analysis list of traffic analysis exercises
Malware Analysis - CSCI 4976 another class from the folks at RPISEC, quality content
[Bad Binaries] ( walkthrough documents of malware traffic analysis exercises and some occasional malware analysis.

Network Scanning / Reconnaissance

Name Description
Foot Printing with WhoIS/DNS records a white paper from SANS
Google Dorks/Google Hacking list of commands for google hacks, unleash the power of the world's biggest search engine

Vulnerable Web Application

Name Description
bWAPP common buggy web app for hacking, great for beginners, lots of documentation
Damn Small Vulnerable Web written in less than 100 lines of code, this web app has tons of vulns, great for teaching
Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) PHP/MySQL web app for testing skills and tools
Google Gruyere host of challenges on this cheesy web app
OWASP Broken Web Applications Project hosts a collection of broken web apps
OWASP Hackademic Challenges project web hacking challenges
OWASP Mutillidae II another OWASP vulnerable app, lots of documentation.
OWASP Juice Shop covers the OWASP top 10 vulns
WebGoat: A deliberately insecure Web Application maintained by OWASP and designed to to teach web app security

Vulnerable OS

Name Description
General Test Environment Guidance white paper from the pros at rapid7
Metasploitable2 (Linux) vulnerable OS, great for practicing hacking
Metasploitable3 [Installation] the third installation of this vulnerable OS
Vulnhub collection of tons of different vulnerable OS and challenges

Linux Penetration Testing OS

Name Description
Android Tamer Android Tamer is a Virtual / Live Platform for Android Security professionals.
BackBox open source community project, promoting security in IT enivornments
BlackArch Arch Linux based pentesting distro, compatible with Arch installs
Bugtraq advanced GNU Linux pen-testing technology
Docker for pentest Image with the more used tools to create a pentest environment easily and quickly.
Kali the infamous pentesting distro from the folks at Offensive Security
LionSec Linux pentesting OS based on Ubuntu
Parrot Debian includes full portable lab for security, DFIR, and development
Pentoo pentesting OS based on Gentoo


Name Description Easy to navigate database of exploits
Exploit Database database of a wide variety exploits, CVE compliant archive
CXsecurity Indie cybersecurity info managed by 1 person
Snyk Vulnerability DB detailed info and remediation guidance for known vulns, also allows you to test your code


Name Description
0x00sec hacker, malware, computer engineering, Reverse engineering
Antichat russian based forum
CODEBY.NET hacker, WAPT, malware, computer engineering, Reverse engineering, forensics - russian based forum
EAST Exploit database exploit DB for commercial exploits written for EAST Pentest Framework
Greysec hacking and security forum
Hackforums posting webstite for hacks/exploits/various discussion
4Hat Day brazilian based hacker forum
CaveiraTech brazilian based, general hacker forum

Archived Security Conference Videos

Name Description hosts data from hundreds of cons
Irongeek Website of Adrien Crenshaw, hosts a ton of info. a site that aims to catalog and cross-reference all hacker conferences.

Online Communities

Name Description
Hacktoday requires an account, covering all kinds of hacking topics
Hack+ link requires telegram to be used
MPGH community of MultiPlayerGameHacking

Online News Sources

Name Description
InfoSec covers all the latest infosec topics
Recent Hash Leaks great place to lookup hashes
Security Intell covers all kinds of news, great intelligence resources
Threatpost covers all the latest threats and breaches
The Hacker News features a daily stream of hack news, also has an app