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Authorization and access control infrastructure for developers


  1. warrant warrant Public

    Warrant is a highly scalable, centralized authorization service based on Google Zanzibar. Use it to define, enforce, query, and audit application authorization and access control.

    Go 1.1k 31

  2. awesome-authorization awesome-authorization Public

    A curated list of information and resources about authorization.

    384 14

  3. react-warrant-js react-warrant-js Public

    React Client SDK for Warrant

    TypeScript 16

  4. warrant-node warrant-node Public

    Node.js Client SDK for Warrant

    TypeScript 21

  5. warrant-go warrant-go Public

    Go SDK for Warrant

    Go 15 1

  6. edge-agent edge-agent Public

    Warrant Edge agent

    Go 20 2


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