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Way Cooler

Development of the Way Cooler window manager and extensions


  1. way-cooler way-cooler Public archive

    Wayland compositor for AwesomeWM

    C 2.1k 76

  2. way-cooler-bg way-cooler-bg Public archive

    [DEPRECATED] The program that draws a background for Way Cooler

    Rust 7 4

  3. way-cooler-grab way-cooler-grab Public archive

    [DEPRECATED] A screenshot taker for Way Cooler

    Rust 8 2

  4. way-cooler-lock way-cooler-lock Public archive

    [DEPRECATED] Lock screen for Way Cooler

    Rust 7 1

  5. Public archive

    Way Cooler website

    HTML 3 3

  6. rust-wlc rust-wlc Public archive

    [DEPRECATED] Rust bindings for wlc, the Wayland compositor library

    Rust 54 13


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