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Way Cooler

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Way Cooler is the compositor component of AwesomeWM for Wayland.


To build Way Cooler, ensure you have meson installed (as well as wlroots, or use the subprojects/ directory and build it locally).

Then, execute:

meson build
ninja -C build

To run the compositor simply execute build/way-cooler/way-cooler in a TTY or any existing window manager.

It can run with this patched version of the Awesome client. The simplest way to execute both is to run way-cooler -c </path/to/patched/awesome>.

Though technically they can run standalone, the compositor is not usable by itself and the client will fail out in other compositor due to the custom protocols not being present.


Way Cooler is under active development. If you would like to contribute you can contact me best on IRC (I also hang out on freenode).

Master is not usable for production. There are old versions of Way Cooler that do work, however:

  • Is written in Rust and must be built with cargo.
  • They use an old framework, wlc, and thus are very limited and buggy.
  • Was not designed to emulate Awesome, but instead has i3 tiling and its own (very incomplete) Lua libraries.